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Squad Page

Name: The Dark Horde

Founder: Darkness

Description: Welcome to the Dark Horde!

After beeing part of a fierce Octavian squad, fighting many bloody battles for countless years and sadly seeing my squadm8tes dissapear in the depths of space without return I decided to create my own squad.
Although these memories of factional wars still haunt me up to the day i came to realize that in the end we can only push the Alien thread back by combining forces.
Its either us or them!
Therefore The Dark Horde is a multifactional squad for every lost pilot out there seeking for help, answers and willing to kick some conflux ass!

TDH is pro TRI and will therefore engage in any events providing help when it is needed.
TDH will help out at pve and pvp practice when a pilot needs it.
TDH will help pilots with equip and leveling faster.
TDH will not tolerate egoistic behavior like dumping conflux in a sector on any other pilots..etc!
TDH will not tolerate pirate activities.
TDH will engage conflux at any possible time and destroy swarms whenever they set foot into our space.

We welcome humans & cyborgs, conflux on the other hand better run!

Contact for administartion use E-Mail