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Squad Page

Name: _ORP_

Founder: RAZAAR

Description: Octavius RED Power
Provide RED POWER (RP) to all Octavius and S&S Pilots in space
or that Octavius and S&S pilots who has been resently docked.
The RED Power is successfuly produced in a secret labs established all over Octavius Empire and its colony space by Dr. RAZAARIUS ZVERRA the only owner of OCT (Octavius Cyber Tech)
However the source of this RP (RED POWER) is well known to all Octavius members and their S&S (slave and support) nations.
_ORP_ may bring you to deep space and back in a half of 1 OTU (Octavius Time Unit)
The benefit of this travel is not accountable and can not be described by words of all known.
Only known for sure is that u never return from each of such travel the same condition as u left.
Only known for sure is that RED POWER will POWER you UP to all what you do not only in space but even out of it.

Contact for administartion use E-Mail