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Squad Page

Name: Magnicorp

Founder: Oberothton

Description: One of the oldest family-owned interplanetary corporations still in operation, Magnicorp was founded by the great Ronan Lahnkara VI as an intercontinental commerce organization on Kapenja many moons before The Reconstruction Initiative. For many years, the Lahnkara family and its ancestors have maintained the ancient philosophical and martial arts practices of Magni Ya, a system of beliefs that predates even the Fa'hil Memta itself. Magni Ya emphasizes duty and cooperation, and this philosophy influences the ideals of Magnicorp. We at Magnicorp focus on mining, fluxing, and trading, applying our resources as intensely as possible toward The Reconstructive Initiative.

Current CEO: Oberothton Lahnkara (Inaugurated 116.9.15)

"Magni ya, ku wanis." ("With strength, to the stars.")

Contact for administartion use E-Mail