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Full name: Optimus ShapeShift

Date of Birth: 54.12.16

Planet of Birth: Amanra-Cornea Sector

Current occupation: Miner/SRI Scientist

The ancient technologies that power ed the great civilization were myste riously ineffective. Indeed, it was a great task to rediscover the basic n atural principles which now seemed t o govern the galaxy. The Great Solria n thinker Watt Jeffries Samon, conje ctured that if one could counter the g ravitational fluctuations, long di stance space flight could again beco me a reality. His theories proved tru e, and the first jumpgate was born. Af ter attending the Solrain School of T rading at Alexios. It is now my resear ch, approved by Premier Cristofore P arce, that I am allowed to continue in Watt Jeffries Samon's path of greatn ess. And to Combine efforts to forge o ur Civilizations to Conqour our foe t he Conflux Menace.

Safety BeltHonor's MarkLeap of FaithSkill Star
Skill StarGates of HeavenEchoes of HopeKey of Heaven
Streets of HeavenRising StarSapphire OptimusCaptain's Commendation
active ShapeShift

rank Envoy [9]
Next level experience: 17286
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Legitimate (9)
Octavius kills 0
political status Legitimate (3)
Quantar kills 0
political status Dependable (33)
political status Legitimate (15)
political status Legitimate (12)
  total pilot kills 0
bounty collected c0
bounty per kill c0.000
deaths 3
kill ratio 0.000 %
  Conflux kills 1
  gunshots fired 5
gunshots hit 0
gun accuracy 0.000 %
missiles fired 9
missiles hit 6
missile accuracy 66.700 %
non-combat categories
  experience 95314
credits 133579057
  Artifacts found: 48
Pure asteroid mined 587
Beacons held 25
  launches 32
landings 27
disconnects 2
duty hours 17.62
  missions taken 17
missions complete 17
insurance rating 100.000

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