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Pilot Account

Full name: Nesayar Devoire

Date of Birth: 76.9.27

Planet of Birth: Kapenja

Current occupation: Quantar Monk


Spirit of UnityMerit of DefenseSafety BeltMiner's Heart
Ring of CommitmentHonor's MarkLeap of FaithPath of Light
Closed EyeWire of InstabilityQuantar Duty RibbonQuantar Duty Ribbon
Unity StripeUnity Stripe IUnity Stripe IIOperations Ribbon
Operations Ribbon ISkill StarSkill StarGlory Star
Gates of HeavenGreen MatrixOrange MatrixPurple Matrix
Nuke SplinterNuke ShardNuke GemKey of Heaven
Ice SplinterIce ShardIce GemPrecious Splinter
Precious ShardPrecious GemDark SplinterDark Shard
Dark GemCross of the CounselorCross of the MentorCross of the Mentor
Cross of the MentorCross of the MentorEmerald NovaRising Star
StarburstSarath's ShineGules PendantVert Pendant
Azure PendantCaptain's Commendation
active Nessos

rank Ghazin [42]
squad Brotherhood
Next level experience: 426991
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
Octavius kills 1
political status Devoted (73)
Quantar kills 0
political status Exalted (121)
political status Honored (111)
political status Legitimate (13)
  total pilot kills 1
bounty collected c10000
bounty per kill c10,000.000
deaths 9
kill ratio 11.100 %
  Conflux kills 1585
  gunshots fired 58617
gunshots hit 22431
gun accuracy 38.300 %
missiles fired 97
missiles hit 63
missile accuracy 64.900 %
non-combat categories
  experience 4273009
credits 90513339
  Artifacts found: 0
Pure asteroid mined 5
Beacons held 219
  launches 616
landings 597
disconnects 15
duty hours 617.32
  missions taken 452
missions complete 451
insurance rating 99.800

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