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Pilot Account

Full name: Daggerow Varkain

Date of Birth: 73.9.15

Planet of Birth: Solrain Wake

Current occupation: Unknow


Spirit of UnitySafety BeltTactical PrideHonor's Mark
Leap of FaithPath of LightClosed EyeWire of Instability
Unity StripeOperations RibbonOperations Ribbon ISkill Star
Skill StarSkill StarGlory StarGates of Heaven
Blue MatrixRed MatrixGreen MatrixOrange Matrix
Purple MatrixWhite MatrixKey of HeavenIce Splinter
Ice ShardIce GemSapphire NovaEmerald Nova
Amber NovaRising StarStarburstSarath's Shine
active Daggerow

rank Regulator [33]
Next level experience: 47571
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Exalted (118)
Octavius kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
Quantar kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Legitimate (13)
political status Unfailing (100)
  total pilot kills 0
bounty collected c0
bounty per kill c0.000
deaths 5
kill ratio 0.000 %
  Conflux kills 269
  gunshots fired 12882
gunshots hit 3796
gun accuracy 29.500 %
missiles fired 150
missiles hit 115
missile accuracy 76.700 %
non-combat categories
  experience 1862429
credits 34271177
  Artifacts found: 0
Pure asteroid mined 4
Beacons held 165
  launches 183
landings 169
disconnects 9
duty hours 135.35
  missions taken 318
missions complete 316
insurance rating 99.400

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