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Pilot Account

Full name: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown

Planet of Birth: Unknown

Current occupation: Unknown


Spirit of UnitySafety BeltMiner's HeartRing of Commitment
Honor's MarkLeap of FaithPath of LightUnity Stripe
Operations RibbonSkill StarSkill StarGlory Star
Gates of HeavenBlue MatrixRed MatrixGreen Matrix
Orange MatrixPurple MatrixWhite MatrixKey of Heaven
Streets of HeavenSapphire NovaRising StarStarburst
Sarath's Shine
active @Broker01

rank Arbiter [29]
squad TRI Economy
Next level experience: 38786
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
Octavius kills 0
political status Legitimate (13)
Quantar kills 0
political status Unfailing (82)
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Legitimate (3)
  total pilot kills 0
bounty collected c0
bounty per kill c0.000
deaths 1
kill ratio 0.000 %
  Conflux kills 253
  gunshots fired 14338
gunshots hit 8204
gun accuracy 57.200 %
missiles fired 94
missiles hit 69
missile accuracy 73.400 %
non-combat categories
  experience 1368214
credits 53345324
  Artifacts found: 0
Pure asteroid mined 73
Beacons held 198
  launches 133
landings 128
disconnects 4
duty hours 613.43
  missions taken 159
missions complete 159
insurance rating 100.000

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