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Solrain - Core Station Solrain - Wake Station Solrain - Cornea Station Octavius - Core Station Octavius - Great Pillars Octavius - Outpost Station Quantar - Core Station Quantar - TriPoint Station Quantar - Corridor Station Hyperial Station Amananth Station Lothar's Landing Evening's End Great Barrier Station Klatsches Hold Solrain Storage Depot Octavius Storage Depot Quantar Storage Depot The Inner Lighthouse The Greater Locks The Outer Lighthouse Purian Lake Morain Harbour Wanderer's Pond Tranquillus Major The Fields The Bronci Rift The Sea of Solrain Tranquillus Minor The Inner Oasis Midpoint Rift The Outer Oasis The Azure Churn The Narrow Canal The Lesser Locks The Cerulean Clouds Tribular Canal The Outer Depths Imperial Causeway Orrus Minor Orrus Major Imperial Gates Octavian Shore Verselus' Hook The Dark Fork Imperial Crossroads Vorgus2 The Blasted Corner The Divide The Outer Rim The Rim The Edge Arkan's Cloud Sark's Passage Primus Point The Outer Edge Quantar Gate The Quadrangle Long Walk Ring View Omni V Omni IV Path of Hordes Hyperion Gate Quantar Hook Ekoo's Stop Tictac's Hook Square of Quantos Rounds of Quantos Quanaus Crossing Outer Roh-Cloud Inner Roh-Cloud Hook of Roh The Dark Path The Dark Trail The Dark End Orus' Leg Orus' Tail Upper Third Outer Third Inner Third Third Gate Aman Gate Last Parsec The Gyre Aman Hook The Split The Last Point The Dark Sea of Shadows Inner Aman The Stith Dark Gateway Diluted Reaches The Connexion The Dark Crossroads The Light Crossroads Far Point Outer Gyre Lesser Arm Inner Gyre Light Gateway Greater Arm Four Fingers Saron's Shoulder Saron's Eye Outskirts Light Lost Inner Storm Outer Storm Outer Ring Great Venure Belt T&P Inner Cloud The Reaches Outer Cloud The Main Gate Hyperian Hook The Rear Gate Far Gate Zealots Refuge The Gurge Pulsar Callow Passage Hirbel's Channel Mokk's Battlefield Canis 9502

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